“The Hard Way”

I spent most of the day building the simple rails application, “Treebook”, from Team Treehouse.

I found this great article by Richardson Dackam: “How I TRAINed to learn Rails”

After reading this article I got inspired to do the projects on “Learn Ruby the Hard Way”. I’m already through the first 12 exercises and added a repository on Github (practicing Git by doing this).

After going through 70% of Codecademy’s Ruby course and completing the Ruby Foundations on Team Treehouse these exercises were pretty easy. The only reason I stopped at exercise 12 was because I’m tired and having trouble keeping my mind on track; I’ve been up since 7am (it’s 11:30 now).

I DID finally learn about the %s and %d that I would see in code…funny how I never learned that.

I also accidentally found out that when using Sublime text that if I hit Ctrl-B it’ll run the program in a console without me having to go the command line and manually running the program. It also gives benchmark performance stats. It totally blew my mind when I found out Sublime Text could do that…

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