What I did today 12/3

Team Treehouse

  • UI Element States Pseudo-Classes (CSS Foundations)
  • Pseudo-Elements – ::first-line and ::first-letter (CSS Foundations)
  • Psuedo-Elements – ::before and ::after (CSS Foundations)
  • Selectors Review (CSS Foundations)
  • Earned Advanced Selectors Badge (CSS Foundations)
  • Evaluating Responses (Career Foundations)
  • Preparation (Career Foundations)


  • Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas (exercises 1-11)

Learn Ruby The Hard Way

  • Exercise 25
  • I started Exercise 26, but I really disliked Exercise 25 and immediately balked at the idea of having to refactor the code on this. I made the most obvious corrections and MAY come back to this later. Considering I’m simultaneously doing Codecademy’s Ruby course and have already completed Team Treehouse’s Ruby course I don’t think I’m setting myself up for failure if I don’t complete this exercise.
  • Exercise 27…I’m already familiar with boolean logic and the operators listed in this exercise, so I don’t need to memorize them.



*Randomly browsed the Ruby Style Guide on Github
*Good explanation of Boolean Logic (makes sense now!) from Natasha the Robot’s blog

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