Hiccup starting with Rails

I’ve complete Codecademy’s ruby course, Team Treehouse’s ruby foundations and two-thirds of “Learn Ruby the Hard Way”; I feel I have a handle on Ruby. So now it’s time to put in the hard effort to learn Rails.

I’ve been using Treehouse for the “lecture” portion of my learning because the videos are well-produced with lots of information presented to you in a fraction of the time it would take to read/digest text. The only problem is that the beginner Rails app tutorial was built in Ruby 3 and I’m running Ruby 4, and the authentication gem “Devise” works differently in the two versions.

At the same time I’m building the treehouse app I was following the tutorial on RailsGuides, so I had two apps in development at the same time. Instead of being difficult or interfering with one another they actually worked synergistically to help me understand Rails. The only problem with the tutorial is that it’s very dry and it doesn’t keep my attention.

And then of course Michael Hartl’s guide is out there which I was going to tackle after I built the app on Treehouse. I really don’t want to have 3 apps in development at the same time, so I’m going to suspend building the app on RailsGuides and Treehouse, and just go full steam ahead on Hartl’s book.

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