What I’ve done the past 3 days

Hartl’s Rails Tutorial

  • Chapter 2 (easy)
  • Chapter 3 (easy)
  • Chapter 4 (easy)
  • Halfway through Chapter 5 (not easy, but not difficult)

I flew through the first 4 chapters, as I had already established a background in HTML , CSS, and basic Ruby through my earlier studies. Chapter 5 is not difficult; I’ve seen most of it before. What’s bogging me down is TDD (Test Driven Development). SO MANY TESTS TO WRITE AND REWRITE AND TEST AND RETEST FOR EVERY SINGLE THING OMG.

Ruby Koans

  • 6/280

I’m not really a puzzle guy. The Koans seem to be written in a deliberately puzzling way which really doesn’t light my fire, but there’s something to be learned from them, so I’ll keep slugging away.

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