Avoid Burnout

My study schedule the past 4 weeks has been 3-4 hours of study during weekdays and 5-8 hours on the weekend. I’ve been able to learn and absorb a ton of material in a short amount of time. However I’m not superhuman; I get tired and/or bored with learning one specific task from the same instructor/source for hours upon end.

If you’re paying attention you’ll notice that instead of devoting myself to one specific task/source I use multiple sources simultaneously. This strategy may or may not work for you.

  • Team Treehouse
  • Rails Guide Tutorial
  • Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial
  • Ruby Koans
  • Learn Ruby the Hard Way

I may spend 2-3 hours on Treehouse and then an hour on a Rails guide. Or spend two days straight on Ruby, get burned out and then switch to another topic.

Burnout is a real concern when you’re studying as intensely as I am. There have been times where I’ve dreaded sitting at the computer to learn, but forced myself to do so anyway because I’m BOUND AND DETERMINED to learn this material. It’s really turned into a bit of a mind game (which I enjoy), e.g. “How much can I study this topic before I balk at the thought of studying more.”

I’ve been intentionally limiting my access to Team Treehouse’s material for the past week because I was getting a little tired of it. Today I sat down to watch some videos and that automatic “OMG, not another video” feeling that I had last week is gone, and I feel like having a marathon learning session…

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