Now the fun begins

I’ve completed 3 months of self-directed web development training with the intent on being hired as a Junior Ruby on Rails developer. Up to this point I’ve been following the tutorials on the always fabulous Team Treehouse, and also the Rails tutorial written by Michael Hartl.

I’m REALLY tired of following tutorials. I’m ready to build my own stuff without following along.

My first app, which I started tonight, is going to be a blog. Sounds simple, but it’s only as simple as you make it. I was brainstorming and I want to add:

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Geotagging
  • Multi-column format
  • Twitter integration
  • Searchable archives
  • Ability to upload and store photos
  • Header image that changes on page refresh

THIS blog, the one you’re reading, is a WordPress blog and has a ton of options. I want to integrate many of the options offered in the WP blog in my Rails blog.

Back to work…

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