Hat. Tossed. Ring.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours in the past 4 months boning up on web development. I’m at the point where I feel my development is being hindered by not doing this full time.

I haven’t done a job search in a looooooong time. I had forgotten the horrors of trying to get my resume looking good. “OMG, SHOULD I PUT AN OBJECTIVE? OMG HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE DO I LIST? OMG ARE THEY GOING TO LOOK DOWN ON ME BECAUSE I’M SELF-TAUGHT AND DON’T HAVE A COMPUTER SCIENCE DEGREE?”

I’m looking for the right company and the right opportunity to grow as a developer and help that company achieve its goals in the most efficient manner.

Soooooooo… I posted my resume online to 2 very popular tech job sites… and I wasn’t disappointed by the response 🙂

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