Reinvigorated about learning

So now that I’m seriously starting to look at job opportunities to apply for I’m becoming familiar with the list of stated requirements a lot of employers want. Since the majority of postings are looking for experienced developers some of their stated requirements are beyond my current skill level. Instead of being frustrated, e.g., “OMG doesn’t anyone want to give a Junior developer a chance?!?!”, I look at it as a roadmap guiding me down the path to make me more employable.

I had a conversation with a recruiter on Tuesday and she was asking me a bunch of questions about my learning. The subject of code schools came up.

I don’t have $12,000 to pay the tuition, nor can I afford to quit my job to attend one of these (assuming I’d be accepted, but then again…why wouldn’t I? So I figured the next best thing would backwards engineer a code school type of education.

I found Dev Bootcamp’s very broad outline on their curriculum and I’m going to use that to fill the gaps in my current knowledge.

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