First “real” app

By first “real” app I mean this is the first app I’ve built without the help of a tutorial.

Link to app:

It’s a fully functional copy of this blog.


  • Devise gem for user login
  • rails_admin gem for database administration
  • Kaminari gem for pagination
  • tinymce-rails gem for WYSIWYG editing
  • bootstrap-sass gem for CSS
  • friendly_id gem for custom URLs

Other features:

  • Image headers that randomly rotate on every page load
  • “Recent Posts” links and “Full Archives” pages

At this moment in time some of the links are dead-ends on the navbar, but I’ll create those pages later.

For a starter project I think it turned out very well. As I was creating it I kept refreshing the page and couldn’t believe I built this from scratch. It may not be much, but I built it, it looks good, and I’m proud of it.