Check in

Haven’t posted lately, but been busy.

I’ve been concentrating heavily on coding in Javascript and Ruby. In my experience one of the areas that is glossed over in the “learn to code” movement is passing the technical interview (if working for someone is your goal).

In anticipation of being given a coding challenge I’m working hard to be able to produce something in a short amount of time and with the pressure on.. While certainly the level of code challenge wont’ be as difficult as one given to a senior developer it’s still a CHALLENGE.┬áIt’s interesting to go back and read the Ruby documentation 4 months after I started.

New App, redesigned pages, more learning…

* I’ve been putting my Code School membership to good use.

  • Completed “Rails for Zombies 1” and “Try JQuery”
  • Over 90% done with Rails for Zombies 2, 20% done with Testing for Zombies and 50% done with Ruby Bits

* I updated the “About” and “Projects” page.

* I completed a new app. It’s called “ACME INSURANCE COMPANY PORTAL” and is a mockup of an internal app that an insurance company might use to track their book of business.