Back to Basics

The past two weeks I haven’t touched any of my Rails projects. Instead I’ve “circled around” in a sense and I’ve been trying to fill in gaps in my Ruby and Javascript knowledge.

The Odin Project has been extremely helpful in the past 2 weeks. Basic questions such as those below were the type that I “knew” implicitly but couldn’t explain. I’ve made a commitment to being able to explain them:

  • How do you find values in both arrays?
  • What types of data are good to store in a hash
  • What is a module?

I also found Codewars, which provides coding challenges to actually apply what I’ve (re)learned from the Odin Project.

I believe the result of all of this will be

  • Increased coding ability and knowledge in JavaScript and Ruby
  • Increased coding ability in Rails
  • Better ability to verbally explain coding concepts

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