Backbone? Uhh, nevermind. Hello Angular!

About 2 months ago I attended the LA Ruby meetup and saw a live demo of AngularJS. I was very impressed. So impressed that I immediately wanted to dive into Javascript front-ends, but my skill level was not high enough to dive in yet.

If you look at my Github repository you’ll notice that for an entire month there were no submissions. I was using this time to brush up on Ruby and Javascript programming and BOY OH BOY did it help.

About 2 weeks ago I felt ready to tackle a JavaScript front-end, and since I have a subscription to CodeSchool I figured I would learn there…….except CodeSchool doesn’t HAVE an Angular tutorial. But they DO have a Backbone tutorial.

I got through about 3/4 of the course and was ready to build something, but alas, finding up-to-date Backbone-Rails tutorials online is not the easiest thing. But what I COULD find were plenty of Angular-Rails tutorials.

So in a roundabout way I’m ending up where I wanted to be all along.

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