Surviving a whiteboard interview

It’s been a week of “firsts” for me. I’d like to discuss a significant “first” and that would be my first whiteboard interview.

I was contacted by a potential employer last week, passed the first part of their interview process and was invited for an on-site whiteboard interview. This was VERY exciting news! Immediately I began worry about what I should wear, how early I should leave, bringing extra copies of my resume, etc. All those things are important, but I missed a critical step that I want to help anyone else avoid:


It wasn’t until I was halfway to their office that I realized I had only had a Starbucks coffee and a protein shake that day. I think I performed well, but during the latter stages of the interview I started to get light-headed, had trouble concentrating and my stomach was making very funny noises. Not only was the interview mentally challenging, but physically challenging since I was standing at the whiteboard for an extended period of time.

TL;DR version: If you have a whiteboard interview coming up make sure you get a good night’s sleep, that you’re well hydrated, and have a healthy, filling breakfast/lunch. The experience is mentally and physically challenging.

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