Thwack – A cool game I made

Link to files on Github

A very simple fighting game.

You will select two warriors, and equip them with a weapon and armor.

Warrior Classes

* Barbarian - Strong, but not agile
* Knight - Blend of strength and agility
* Ninja - High agility, but low strength

Weapon Classes

* Club - Heavy damage, decreases agility
* Katana - Medium damage, no effect on agility
* Dagger - Low damage, increases agility

Armor Classes

* Iron Armor - Decreases agility, increases defense
* Bronze Armor - No effect on agility or defense
* Leather Armor - Increases agility, decreases defense

Player Attributes

HP - Hit points/health
STR - Strength/Attack Damage
DEF - Defense
AGI - Agility (affects chance of an attack connecting)


The basic formula is DMG = (ATK - DEF). The game continues until one player has been killed.


* thwack_init.rb = Main gameplay script
* thwack_combat.rb = fight and defense algorithms

* thwack_armor.rb = Armor classes
* thwack_weapon.rb = Weapon classes

* thwack_barbarian.rb = Barbarian warrior classes
* thwack_knight.rb = Knight warrior classes
* thwack_ninja.rb = Ninja warrior classes

Link to files on Github

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