Order Management – A new project I’m working on

Before I got hired I was using Rails 4 exclusively, but on the job we were using Rails 3. I thought it would be a good idea to keep up on the latest and greatest so I decided to start a new Rails 4 project.

I started a mock order management system (link to github) and I’m trying to do things the “right way” in the Ruby/Rails sense. By “right way” I mean TDD and planning things like a PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPER and not like a PROGRAMMER. It’s definitely a different way of approaching a problem…and I LIKE IT.

Planning things out with diagrams and using TDD “feels” slower for now because I’m not used to doing it. But what I’m gaining is the ability to step away from a project for a break, then come back and being able to easily pick up where I left off because I’ve planned out the steps.

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