Computer Science Fundamentals

While Googling I came across a thread on Quora where programmers were discussing the biggest difference between developers with a traditional Computer Science background and non-traditional “self-taught” programmers. The consensus went something like this:

  • New CS graduate: Intermediate in CS, weak in coding
  • Self-taught: Weak in CS, Intermediate in coding

I come across a lot of job listings and a B.S. in Computer Science is number one on the list of requirements. Now, I’d advise any self-taught programmer to just go ahead and ignore that requirement and submit your resume anyway if you feel confident in your programming skills. The problem you’re going to run into is when you get a technical interview and they start asking you questions about CS that new CS grads would be extremely likely to know: Data structures, Big O notation, compilers/interpreters, etc.

Most of my recent posts have been code oriented and I’m going to continue the trend. This coming week I’m going to do a “mega-refresher” on CS, probably focusing on sorts, searches and Big O notation.

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