A Greater Responsibility

responsibilitya moral obligation to behave correctly toward or in respect of.

I really believe that in any endeavor, especially in coding, that as your skill increases you have a responsibility to not only give credit to those who mentored you, but also to mentor those coming up behind you.

In the United States we live in a very consumer-oriented society, and I think this breeds a mindset of take-take-take with very little give-give-give. I can get in my car and drive 5 minutes in any direction and buy any medicine, any piece of furniture, any type of car service, etc. If you have the money you can buy your way out of pretty much anything, and self-reliance is really not encouraged.

I have experience mentoring entry-level people from an old job and I also have kids, so I’m well aware of the time commitment and patience needed to be an effective mentor. The best part about being a mentor, and a dad, is that it forces you to rethink how you see the world, your place in it, and what type of legacy you want left.

  • Do you want to be known as someone who only does the bare minimum required, or someone who goes above and beyond?
  • Do you like to take shortcuts, or are you thorough?
  • When you have internal self-dialogue, is it positive or negative?
  • When people ask you for help are you willing and welcoming, or do you roll your eyes and sigh?

Every time you come into contact with someone more junior than you you have the opportunity to make an impression on them and affect the trajectory of their life and career. Like Spiderman’s uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

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