How to access localhost from a Virtual Machine

At work I use a MacBook, but when testing customer-facing portions of our site I run Windows in a virtual machine instance that I downloaded from Microsoft so that I can test Internet Explorer compatibility.

The VM could access my network and the greater internet perfectly fine, but would not access “http://localhost:3000” from inside Internet Explorer. It took me awhile, but I found the solution using Stack Overflow (of course). Hopefully this saves someone some time. Also note, I’m running VirtualBox.

Link to StackOverflow solution:

1. Shut your virtual machine down.
2. Go to VirtualBox Preferences -> Network -> Host-only Networks -> click the “+” icon. Click OK.
3. Select your box and click the “Settings” icon -> Network -> Adapter 2 -> On the “Attached to:” dropdown, select “Host-only Adapter” and your network (vboxnet0) should show up below by default. Click OK.
4. Once you start your box up again, you should be able to access localhost at

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