Web Security

I’m going to start blogging again.

When I started this blog back in 2013 I used the blog as a public way of holding myself accountable towards my goal of being a web developer. Ever since I met my goal my motivation to blog completely went out of the window. I like programming, and I like my job, but coming home and writing about what I did at work is not something that interests me.

So now I have a new goal, with a specific timeline, and a specific desired end result: I want to earn $1000 in bug bounties by January 16, 2017.

I don’t know much about web security, other than the basics that you need to know to avoid catastrophic incidents like SQL injection or XSS. I DO know how to program. I DO know how web applications work on the front and back ends. I DO know how to use the terminal to execute commands. I also know that programmers and business don’t take security seriously enough.

I chose web security because I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve in terms of my professional development. I find it hard to code web apps all day and THEN come home and code more; it makes me feel as if I never left work. I want to continue to grow as a programmer/developer, but also don’t want to feel as if my entire life has been devoted to web dev. I also want to earn some extra money. Doing side projects for money isn’t really appealing to me at this point, as it feels like a continuation of work.

I chose January 16, 2017 because I just decided yesterday that I was going to commit myself to this project, and that six months was a good target date. It took me 7 months to go from a know-nothing wannabe to a full-time professional programmer, so I figure the same timeline is appropriate for something I consider to be a hobby with the potential of earning some side money.

The goal is to get 322 hours of studying in before January 16. 322 is 2 hours per day multiplied by 161 days. I probably won’t be able to study EVERY day, so the number of hours is probably a better target.