Ruby on Rails Projects


ORDER MANAGEMENT – hosted on Heroku

  • A mockup of an internal application a company would use to track orders
  • Three main models – Customer, Order, Widget (e.g., a shippable product) along with CRUD actions
  • User can assign widgets to order and track order status
  • Bootstrap for styling
  • Link to github repository

GHDEVNET blog – hosted on Heroku

  • Multiple models/controllers including custom actions
  • Custom routes
  • User authentication
  • Pagination
  • Partials
  • Header Image that refreshes on page load
  • Uses asset pipeline
  • CSS is handled by Bootstrap
  • Post archive (including “Most Recent”)
  • Link to github repository for this project


acmeinsuranceACME INSURANCE PORTAL – hosted on Heroku

  • A mockup of an internal app that could be used by insurance companies to handle their book of business
  • Multiple models/controllers
  • User authentication
  • Pagination
  • Partials
  • CSS is handled by Bootstrap
  • jQuery functions
  • Code moved from controller into model
  • Link to github repository for this project


Sinatra Projects


QUICK REDDIT – hosted on Heroku

I built this small Sinatra app as a way to practice some skills

  • Sinatra
  • jQuery
  • JSON Parsing
  • Web APIs


 Android Projects


Dad Jokes – On the Amazon Appstore

  • Really really corny “Dad Jokes”
  • Jokes delivered in a random format
  • Opens very quickly so you can lighten the mood with very little delay


Ruby Projects

  • Thwack – A combat simulator written in Ruby.



 My Github repository

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