Ohhhh Heroku…

So I just completed Rails tutorial on rubyonrails.org in which I built a very basic blogging application. It took me somewhere between 6-8 hours to complete.

I wanted to deploy it to Heroku and I ran into all sorts of problems. Problems with SSH keys and the repository not being available and some “cedar” error. These are all problems I ran into when trying to deploy to Heroku when I started the Hartl Tutorial. I think I spent about 1-2 hours trying to get it to deploy correctly and I was pretty pissed/frustrated throughout.

This time instead of getting pissed off I’m going to walk away from the computer, come back in a little bit…and not even try to deploy to Heroku. I’m going to build the blog application again; my time is better spent building instead of deploying.

Link to repository on Github