The search for a suitable portable development machine, a.k.a., I want a new laptop

Today is Black Friday. I didn’t do any shopping, but of course I DID put in work on the web development angle.

I’ve thought ahead to when I start going to ruby meetups that I’ll need a laptop. It doesn’t make any sense to show up to a programmer meetup and talk about the cool stuff I’m writing, but not have any means of showing it off, or having a way to ask questions, right?

I’m really not in the market for a $1000 MacBook. Any large expenditure like that will have to wait until I actually have a job in the web development field. For now thriftiness is the name of the game.

I’ve researched the Google Chromebook, but I know that on-board storage is minimal. The price is soooo attractive ($199) but if I can’t develop web apps the machine is pretty useless.

I discovered a website/app/tool called which allows you to develop “in the cloud”. The free account provides you with storage for your files and a command line prompt. I was REALLY impressed with the website. The one thing I was concerned about was being able to incorporate Twitter Bootstrap into my development. Luckily you can upload the css files and add them into your project. PROBLEM SOLVED!